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Quick Yamaha EF2000iS Inverter Generator Review

Picture of Yamaha EF2000iS

You’ve been shopping around.  Maybe you’ve been browsing amazon and have seen Yamaha generators for sale and you want to know, not only if they are any good but if they are as good as the Honda variety that it resembles.   We will explore those points and more as we take a look at on particular little power making machine, the Yamaha EF2000iS.  First, let’s take a look at just what the Yamaha generator is all about.

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What features does it have?

This little power generator produces 1600 watts continuous and 2000 watts of starting true sine wave power.  True sine means it can safely run electronic devices, long term.  Inverter generators can vary their engine speed, which saves on gas, when running them at less than full load.  They are light and easy to transport.

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The unit is parallel ready.  This means you caYamaha Generator with Sidewinder 30-amp prallel cablen connect it to another generator to get more power to run a 30 amp circuit.  Yamaha achieves with by selling a separate cord with the 30 am socket built in it.  Check out the cord on Amazon.  What is handy about this feature it is lets you run one generator when your load is light, saving fuel and noise.  Then when you need more power, you can fire up a second one to get that power.

What can you run with this generator?

You can probably run your refrigerator or a small window air conditioner.  You probably can’t run a large window unit or an RV air conditioner unit with one but you could do so with two, running in parallel.  Most appliances have labels on them, telling you how much power they consume.  If you really want to know, that is the best place to look.  For more information on this, check out the article on generator sizing.

Yamaha Vs Honda

Yamaha Vs Honda Inverter Generator

It’s the natural question that always comes up, when looking at these small generators—how do they compare to Honda?  In short, the Yamaha is a strong competitor with Honda.

Are they as quiet?

Both generators are inverter generators.  One of the features of this type of generator is that they are quiet, compared to conventional generators.  All of the companies seem to say theirs is quieter than the competition.  The reality is they are quite similar.  The loudness varies with load too, because these inverter types can slow down when the load is low.  If you want something quieter, you’ll need to go solar.

How about reliability.

Ratings users give the Yamaha EF2000is are virtually identical to Honda.  They are overwhelmingly happy with the performance of their machines.  Those who had trouble, often did so after storing the generator for a long time without running it.  Others had trouble starting it out of the box.  6% of the reviewers had problems.  About half of them seemed to be user error or someone not reviewing the right product.  If you consider that if someone has a negative experience, they are more likely to write a review.  That gives you about a 1-3% chance of having trouble.  This is very similar to Honda.

Sneaking in a quick comparison to Generac on reliability:  Although that generator was bit less reliable than Honda and Yamaha, every negative user review got a response from Generac.  Yamaha was silent on theirs.

Where are these generators made?

Some have been made in Japan but newer ones are coming out of China but with probably Japanese parts.  China is known to be an assembler of things.  That gives many products the “Made in China” label, when in reality, complex products are often globally produced.

What’s the verdict, you ask?

These Yamaha EF2000is are good little generators.  The pricing, quality and features are nearly the same as Honda. If you are trying to choose between Honda and this, I think the biggest question is, do you like red or blue? If you are looking to save a little money or buy American, consider the Generac.

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Also, Check out this Yamaha Generator Cover, and the Parallel Cable, for hooking two together.

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