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A Quick Look at the Kohler Portable Generator Model Pro7.5E

Kohler Pro7.5E

You’ve heard about or stumbled upon this Kohler portable generator and you might be wondering if this is the one for you.  To examine that, we are going to take a look at the features of the generators, such as, how long can it run, its output and what you can run with it.  We will see where they are made and what the market has to say about them.

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The Basic Info

The Kohler Pro7.5E is a conventional gasoline generator, and not an inverter generator.  The generator is called a 7500 watt, or a 7.5KW generator.  That is the startup wattage, for temporary surges of power need, like when your air conditioner fires up.  The continuous wattage is rated for 6300 watts.  It can run for 12hrs on 8 gallons of gas.

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The generator comes with an electric start and a recoil (pull handle) start, in case you let the battery go dead.  It is backed by a 3 year warranty. 

What does having a conventional vs an inverter mean? What about cost?

Not having in inverter means that the generator costs significantly less for a given power output.  This generator has nearly 4 times the output of the small inverter/parallel ready generators but for only about 50% more in cost.

The engine must run at a constant speed to maintain power output, so it’s louder and burns more fuel.   The generator is about as loud at 20 feet as a compact inverter generator is at 2 feet.  It also means you don’t have to worry about if it is a true sine wave or not as that is an issue with inverters and not conventional generators.  This means it can power your electronic devices, safely.  Check out the article on generator types for more information about the differences between inverter generators and the conventional kind.

About Kohler

Kohler is an American company, founded in 1873.  Headquartered in Kohler Wisconsin, It’s best known for making plumbing products.  Yet, it has been making Generators since 1920.  It’s the first company to make a residential generator.  Check out the Wiki page to learn more about Kohler’s long and rich history.

Where to buy?

If you want to buy the generator with a wheel and handle kit to make moving it around easier, check out Home Depot.  It weighs 220 pounds, so if you want it mobile, wheels might be a big help.  If you don’t need or want to pay for the wheel kit, you can get it on Amazon.

Kohler Pro7.5E With Wheels and Handle

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