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Prepping Crazy Culture

There has been a bit of a prepping craze recently in popular culture.  There have been many YouTube channels dedicated to it and TV shows dramatizing it.  Most of what I have seen in this genre of content has been people preparing for end the world scenarios.  This of course makes for good TV and great entertainment on YouTube.  Some people are motivated by this and others are not.

Is it possible that an Apocalypse could come to us in our lifetimes and that we need to be ready for it?  Sure it is.  The shows on TV often talk about things that are a real possibility.  Here at Rational Preparedness, we want to take the focus off of that a bit though.   There are many far more frequent emergencies, we all face, and can benefit from being prepared for.

What Inspired This Site

One thing that inspired me to start this site is a friend who was stuck at home in a snow storm.  She posted on Facebook that she had no food and could not leave her home to get any.  This kind of snow storm hits anyone who lives in a snowy area, about once a year, on average.  It makes sense to be prepared for it.  I want to get you thinking about this kind if emergency and many others, so you can be prepared and keep you and your family safe.

What are some of the emergencies you might face?

What about a power outage? Remember the one a few years ago, that wiped out power across

many states and parts of Canada, in the heat of summer? It affected nearly half of everyone in North America.  Cell phone towers were down and you couldn’t buy fuel.  What could you have done to be more comfortable during this time?

Remember the Y2K scare that turned out to be nothing?  Well, it wasn’t completely nothing, crowds emptied ATMs, leaving people without access to cash.  In everyone’s lifetime, there will be many financial hiccups, from the personal level all the way up to the global level.  Being prepared can mean the difference between eating or not, or having a place to live or not.

What if a burglar invades your home, in the night, and the police are 20 minutes or (if you live in Detroit) hours away?  What can you do to prevent this in the first place?  What can you if you didn’t prevent it?

What do you need to buy and do to be prepared for these emergencies?

Much of this blog focuses on answering this important question.  I will be reviewing products such as generators, water filters, food storage products, financial planning, and more.

The Goal is Not To Fear Monger

The goal of this blog is not to be a fear monger.  That said, it’s impossible to talk about preparedness without also talking about what to be prepared for.  One reason for the name “Rational,” in Rational Preparedness, is the focus on things that are real risks you face and real things you can do to  limit those risks.

If This Sounds Interesting to You

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